Axys Consultants is the premier partner for your sustainable performance. Since 1987, we have supported large companies and SMEs in their transformation. Helping improve your efficiency: With 30 years of experience, a culture of immediate operational ability and impact, the agile know-how of 220 consultants, the intelligence of teams that, after many years working in it, know and understand your market, the ability to decipher methodologies and the technologies of tomorrow in order to benefit from them today, and a leadership position in many different business sectors.

Seeking continuous improvement

A company is a living organism in perpetual motion. A large number of organisations have now fully adopted the idea that “whose who don’t move forward, move backward”. New tools, working methods, competitors, markets and generations: all of these factors spur on continuous improvement.

A close partner in transformation

The digital revolution has come to bring the challenges of change to unprecedented levels. The transformation is no longer compartmentalised or gradual, but often immediate and all-encompassing. The skills of third-party players have become an essential factor for adapting to and fostering a culture of change. They must be experts: margins for performance improvement comes through the complete mastery of various professions and the capacity for innovation. They must demonstrate a solid ability for breaking down barriers: after years of independent growth in support functions, a company must learn to function as a network, and understand subjects through a cross-functional approach. They must be able to mobilise quickly: facing market demands, any action undertaken later is an action undertaken too late. Lastly, they must be impactful: performance research initiatives must be influential among the different strategies, processes, information systems and teams. Therefore, the results need to be clear and visible in order to maintain the collective momentum.

Going further, together

At the meeting point of values, a solid model and an defined approach stands the promise of Axys Consultants: going further, together.

Our values are trustworthiness, empathy, sincerity and commitment. The relationships that we build with our customers are founded on theses values. The trust established with each customer helps create a long-term relationship. For some of them, the roots of this relationship go back to the very creation of Axys Consultants in 1987.

Our model: entrepreneurship

At Axys Consultants, everyone has the opportunity, if they wish, to lead a new project, create a new tool and bring their individuality to the collective efforts. This model arose from new offers within the group, such as change support and the business travel expense management and travel policy, which became Axys Odyssey, or the implementation of SAP solutions which became neosight. On a daily basis, this flexibility fosters a culture of impact and continuous improvement among our consultants.

Our approach comes down to 3 priorities

The customer, the customer, the customer. Each of our projects is carried out with constant focus on the extensive understanding of the challenges and culture of our customers. Our consultants are trained to continually seek out methods of impact to respond to their challenges.

The recipe for sustainable performance

Methodology and agility are the ingredients for performance. Couple them with shared values and a solid CSR commitment and you will get a leading company in many business sectors. The binding ingredient: an excellent team of 220 consultants, a partnership that has has an average age of 17 years and a R&D that brings set models into the future through the Axys Consultants university and the AI Lab. It’s this approach that allows the companies that we assist to succeed in their transformations and reach high levels of sustainable performance.

Our associates

Arnaud PERIN
Aurélien DEVER
Christophe DEHARBE
Laurence SUPRANO
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