The Purchasing function has shifted from a gatekeeper position overseeing cost management to a position as the main lever for business performance improvement. How can you now take your business further? As a Purchasing manager, you can fully integrate purchases into the digital revolution to strengthen their strategic role. We provide you with support in this ambition through a blend of experience, expertise and commitment.

position stratégique de la fonction Achat


1. Develop the agility of Purchasing organisations

Category Management, shared services centre,externalisation, etc.

2. Improve the operational efficiency of processes

Lean Management, participatory workshops, change guidance, co-construction, etc.

3. Professionalise the Purchasing function

Expense charts, progress plan, training, coaching, etc.

4. Align the IS with the Purchasing strategy

Digitalisation, master plan, selection assistance, business case, etc.

The ambition to go beyond just quick wins

To earn its legitimacy, the Purchasing function has for a long time favoured quick wins in cost savings. These offered the first tangible results and demonstrated the potential of a more ambitious approach.

A strategic position for the Purchasing function

The current challenges link to innovative supplier sourcing and developing a start-up ecosystem strengthened the role of the Purchasing department. As Chief Procurement Officer, you have become a full member of the executive board, directly mandated by the Executive Management. Your actions play a decisive role in maintaining the company’s margins, developing strategic partnerships and controlling supply risks. We help you in constructing an innovative approach to accelerate the transformation of the Purchasing function: flash diagnostics, proof of concept, agility in execution…

At the heart of digitalisation

Chief Procurement Officer (CPO): you are at the heart of the digital revolution and your actions must help improve company performance. We are fully ready to work with you so you can listen to all the stakeholders, persuade them of the right direction to take, and drive the needed change.

1 > Operational excellence

Confronted with the erosion of traditional markets and the challenge of sustainable innovation, the Purchasing function must be agile. Its role is to meet simultaneously the company’s strategic challenges and the operational needs of internal customers.

2 > Digitalisation

It aims to open up the processes and align the tools with the new working methods. There are many different levers: 360 suppliers, SRM, eSourcing, eProcurement, contracts database, marketplaces, dematerialisation, collaborative space. They help develop a special relationship with strategic suppliers and monitor mobility and usability needs of the opinion leaders. Axys Consultants proposes that you adopt an open and innovative approach to strengthen your pioneering role in business network operations.

3 > Insight

The Purchasing function must be attentive to innovative suppliers and develop the ability to attract in order to recruit emerging start-ups. Many different challenges demand the development of prospective skills.

incubateur start-up >Start-up incubator

Through its action, the Purchasing function creates a systemic impact on company performance and develops new skills: organisational resilience, procurement efficiency, co-innovation, ongoing improvement, value analysis.

The Purchasing Departments that initiated this transformation possess a keen understanding of the strategic challenges and risks resulting from market changes, the digitalisation of usages and new entrants. They reassure the response to Quality-Cost-Delivery concerns and harness innovation.

The CPO has a 360 vision: the Purchasing Department becomes omniscient concerning performance measurements and aligns with the strategic orientations of its internal customers.

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