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13 May 2020

Processes robotization: applications for procurement

Operations and tasks automation into information systems is a reality from many years, especially in order to realize operations of invoices reconciliation, orders sending and gathering, or to optimize clients’ deliveries tours.

24 February 2020

The Golden Rules for Selecting Your E-Payment Solution

Since a decade, we have witnessed the rapid growth of e-commerce worldwide. The revenue in worldwide e-commerce market is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2019-2023) of 8.9%, resulting in a market volume of US$2,854,203M by 2023.

IA et RH entre fantasmes et réalité
3 February 2020

Artificial intelligence and hyper customization of Marketing

During our first round table of the year that occurred January, the 30th in Hyatt Madeleine in Paris, we chose to evoke hyper customization theme. Why this choice of hyper customization helped by AI ? As Jean-Luc Marini and Julien Samarcq remembered it : “hyper customization is a necessity in order to maintain clients’ loyalty and to assure brands’ sustainability.”.

smart report
23 December 2019

Do you know what is Smart Report?

SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) Report is a a solution able to record and analyze voice exchanges during a meeting in order to produce an « intelligent » report.

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