Every business faces a similar challenge: developing skills and organisations to adapt to their markets. For this reason, change management alone is not enough. Businesses must now adopt a genuine culture of change. By acting simultaneously on 4 complementary core businesses, Axys Consultants helps you to turn your employees into real change makers in the organisation and develop agile and innovative management methods.


Business expertise/Missions


#1. . Organisational effectiveness

Change diagnostics
Definition of relationships between the players and human governance
Analysis of human impacts & scaling
Position descriptions
Operational transformation plan

#2. Operational change

Change support strategy
Communication plan and communication actions
Pedagogic engineering, training guidance and blended learning
User assistance


#3. Human development

Skills development
Talent management
Social dialogue
Training plan
Off-the-shelf training programmes to be contextualized

#4. Employee experience

Support in the developing working methods
Improvement of employee experience through design
Dissemination of innovation culture
Collective intelligence/branch management

Change is now happening all the time!

Everyone knows: confronted with the combined effect of the digital revolution and market globalisation, businesses must constantly reinvent themselves. New subsidiaries, new-to-market products, redefined functions, innovative work tools: change has become a permanent state. To make transformations at every level united rather than a source of obstruction, communication, mobilisation and collective learning are our watch words.

From change to the culture of change

Change is not made on command! Especially since it is no longer enough to just have a positive understanding of the change. Now you must spread and apply a culture of change that fosters a test & learn mentality and allows for trial by error. Your teams need to want to take initiatives and participate in the continuous improvement of practices and processes in less hierarchical organisations.

Your employees are the change makers in your organisation

To assist your organisation in adopting a real culture of change and agility, Axys Consultants offers you a simple approach: make your talents into the real change makers in your organisation.

More specifically, Axys Consultants proposes to work simultaneously according to 4 core business areas.

› First of all, the transformation of the organisations: this encourages your business to clarify the vision and horizon of change by assessing the cost-benefit ratios for each scenario, then shaping the organisation adapted to strategic objectives and the relationships between all the players.

› Then, operational change management. Change is not just a matter of slides! Through their field experience, the change teams at Axys Consultants help you create and implement the support strategy that will allow you to engage your employees in the transformation, particularly through managerial communication, oversight of the change drivers and training programmes based on innovative techniques (blended learning, MOOC, etc.).

› For Axys Consultants, the professional development of your managers and employees occurs through skills development, the identification and appreciation of talent, operational coaching, career management in accordance with the need for social dialogue.

› To initiate a genuine culture of change, innovative processes allow you to upgrade the employee experience by guiding the development of working methods, drawing from design approaches, spreading the culture of innovation and stimulating collective intelligence.

A culture of change: a prerequisite for an engaged and agile business

An adopted culture of change involves motivated employees who embody the strategy of their company and undertake in the same innovative and operational way, as well as agile organisations who implement a vision and succeed in their transformation.

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