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After a decade-long learning process, businesses have now acquired a certain digital maturity. They now find themselves facing the challenges of sustainable digital transformation: prioritising efforts, industrialising innovations, maintaining skills, gathering data, measuring performance. Axys Consultants assists you in making your transformation effective, influential and measurable, by orchestrating in a rational way strategic, operational and human aspects of the transformation.

Business expertise/Missions

Transformation & Customer Experience

Digital transformation

Helping you find your place among the best practices, identify approaches and opportunities, formalise the road map, engage employees in the transformation and innovate.

Designing the Customer Experience

Guiding you in outlining, designing and presenting your customer experience. Co-constructing and guiding the definition and design of your digital platforms (Marketing, Sales, e-Commerce, etc.)

Digitalisation of relationships

Digitalising your contacts and your customer/prospect experience by improving attentiveness and building seamless pathways and interactions.

Execution & Operational Excellence

Traffic Optimisation

Promoting your brand, strengthening the involvement and loyalty of your customers, generating qualified traffic, building relationships for relevant campaigns and actions.

Execution Optimisation

Define and ensure the achievement of your transformation, business and efficiency objectives by helping your teams continuously improve in executing your actions and implementing your projects.

Operational Effectiveness

Perform the right diagnostics, help you to gain greater efficiency in your key processes (lead, management, customer interactions, etc.), choose and implement the right tools (CRM, etc.), industrialise procedures and projects.

Analytics & Performance

Performance measurements

Guide and boost your performance, create better internal communication through co-constructed, relevant dashboards and reporting.

Analytics & Segmentation

Help you analyse your customer data to draw the best segmentations and bounce scenarios from it, understand and predict customer behaviour.

Data control

Analyse and map your available digital data, implement processes and the methodology to gain reliable, enrich information.


2005-2015: the apprenticeship years

technologies to choose? What new usages are there to respond to? How to proceed? Who to rely on? Over the last few years, every company that has wanted to initiate their digital transformation found themselves facing these questions. To respond to them, companies went through their own digital apprenticeship.

Is today the age of digital maturity?

In large companies, the apprenticeship period has finished. They acquired a certain digital maturity: they equipped themselves with digital strategy road maps. They can assess innovation policies prevalent in their organisation and they possess expert internal digital skills. In short, they began the digital transformation of their business.

Today’s challenges are different than those of yesterday. Now you must prioritise digital projects, industrialise promising innovation, maintain and build skills in a rapidly growing digital ecosystem, source specific skills that are occasionally needed and measure the impact of programmes that have already been implemented.

Rationality at the base of your digital transformation

Businesses going through with their digital transformation doubtlessly find themselves facing 3 types of challenges: making their digitalisation functional, impactful and measurable. To support you in these new challenges, Axys Consultants presents a comprehensive approach, founded on the guiding principle of rationality.

1. Transformation and customer experience

Clarify the digital road map, question which new activities can rise out of this transformation, design the customer experience and the relationship to its ecosystem. Essential preconditions for success in its digital transformation.

2. Execution and operational excellence

Once it’s been defined, the business must then scale up. Through the optimisation of traffic and operational efficiency, you can carry out a truly high-impact transformation.

3. Analytics and performance

To be sustainable in the long run, your efforts must be added to the earnings that they produce. Through complete data control, you can measure your performance and improve your impact business.

A functional, impactful and measurable digital transformation

Axys Consultants enables you to orchestrate the strategic, organisational and human aspects of your digital transformation. Your road map is prioritised and proven innovations industrialised. Your internal skills are updated in relation to the development of different technologies and usages. You can mobilise the specific resources that are occasionally needed for your projects. This approach allows you to position your digital transformation to help your short, medium and long-term development.

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