Do you know what is Smart Report?

Do you know what is Smart Report?

SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) Report is a a solution able to record and analyze voice exchanges during a meeting in order to produce an « intelligent » report.

Main functionalities

Operation in MVP (minimum viable product) mode to guarantee the delivery of a first product:

smart report

  • Capture (audio recording)
  • ASR (automatic transcription of audio recordings)
  • NLU & NLP (natural language comprehension and processing)
  • Automatic decision recording
  • Automatic action plan

Automatic speech recognition system

Call center

With our SMART Report technology, Call Centers can be improved by analyzing all interactions between call center collaborators and customers and as a result, the customer experience will be better too.

Expected features:

  • Voice analysis of interactions
  • Automatic communication synthesis
  • Extraction of information about customer expectations
  • Identification of the customer mindset of customers during the various interactions with call centers

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