Hyper customization and artificial intelligence : we must save CMO soldier !

Hyper customization and artificial intelligence : we must save CMO soldier !

Marketing Director has to provide a client’s experience to the height of brand’s promises and to surf on the artificial intelligence’s wave for success.

Multichannel boom and consumption behaviors’ changes need to go step of hyper customization for creating value. A necessity in order to conquer and satisfy a more and more demanding, but also contradictory in its expectations client. If it wishes a personalized relationship with the brand otherwise it will go see somewhere else, it is conversely sometimes reluctant to the idea of sharing its datum and suspicious regarding the use of it. GDPR’s and commercial pressure’s arrival exacerbate especially this reluctance for sharing its datum.

In order to overcome this reef, CMO thought he had found its salvation into tools such as DMP rented by editors. Reality noted by our clients is the micro-segmentation of audience one, a back to a – heavy- negligible investment and sometimes to starting point for lack of efficiency. Mirage of datum from third party data has, him too, fizzled out. Stays thus for console itself the to-be-achieved work on internal datum collected over the interaction towards multiple points of contact.

The revenge of technical professions

To do this, in an ideal world, Director of Marketing draws from useful data, stocked into Data Lake or into a BDD and calls out to artificial intelligence in order to create right segments and to address the right message, at the right time, with the canal adapted to customer’s journey’s context, etc. In reality, we note that CMO sometimes juggles with numerous files from heterogeneous sources while waiting for the investments in solutions and infrastructures to do their effect, in order to effectively touch intentionists and to expand audience to similar profiles.

If the objective of hyper-customization assigned to Marketing Director is legitimate, to bet on behalf of its profession with the idea of it is well-qualified for manage this project alone is a lost wager. Its knowledge and comprehension of client is recognized, but despite an increase of budget (30% in 2019) and of available MarTech tools, technical implementation and exploitation of these tools stay more often between the hands of DSI. Besides these tools’, analytics and other infrastructures’ control, it is also the DSI who has the key of datum vault, the more often distributed in silos.

Can AI save Marketing Director ?

Silos which explain sometimes the fail of the implementation of hyper-customization’s solution. Whether it be for recommendation or for targeting, artificial intelligence needs to be watered of datum under penalty of being inoperating or disappointing. To disassemble silos, to connect to available databases in a secured and remotely way, to implement parallel architectures… manage from end to end the chain is indeed a structuring project with multiple stakeholders and with sometimes unclear outlines : who does what whilst functional perimeters overlap themselves into the big numeric confusion ?

Acculturate itself in order to not kill AI in budd

In front of these stakes, CMO cannot be left alone. To operate choices, explain and justify its decisions involve a deep knowledge of each layer that is implemented and of each to-be-used resource. Tools are mature, infrastructures are available, but as a structuring project, its carried out needs a collective approach with all stakeholders (IT, Revenue Manager, Product Manager, etc.), a clear definition of everyone’s perimeters and an effort to the scale of the company for supplying user’s experience.

We have too much seen projects with disappointing KPIs for lack of completing all conditions. Disenchantment more often imputed to the inefficiency of solutions is more generally the lack of technical maturity and an organizational default. In order to avoid this disappointment curve, support and acculturation of CMO are a necessity. Conciliation with DSI is essential.

Jean-Luc Marini, our AI Lab’s Director, and Julien Samarcq, Director of Axys Consultants’ Digital Marketing and Business Unit