12 recommendations to implement a Source-To-Pay solution | #Introduction

12 recommendations to implement a Source-To-Pay solution | #Introduction

Procurement Transformation is under way, and in addition to processes and people, many organizations are considering implementing a Source-To-Pay (S2P) solution in the next 18 months. The market is evolving incredibly fast with innovations like Artificial Intelligence, Robot Process Automatization and it’s hard to remain up to date. As they engage in their Procurement Transformation journey, those organisations must learn from what has been done over the past 10 years.

Based on our experience, delivering more than 100 S2P projects with multiple solutions across the world, we have summarized 12 key recommendations that you should take into consideration for a successful Source-to-Pay implementation project.

Therefore, this white paper is meant to be an insightful document for all types of organizations, regardless of their sector or their size. As soon as you have a S2P project in mind, it is a must-read!

White Paper S2P

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