12 recommendations to implement a Source-To-Pay solution | #5 Remember your project goals and set up KPIs

Previously, you have defined the main lines of your S2P project and select the best vendor. However, after having consulted several software providers, you are now aware of the multitude of functionalities available in the market. That is why you need to remember your project goals, to avoid irrelevant solution implementation.

How could you ensure to stick at your initial project goals? What key performance indicators (KPI) must you set up?

1. Remind your project goals

The day you have decided to implement a new S2P solution, you wanted to reach some specific objectives such as cycle time improvement, end-user experience enhancement, budget controlling during the whole S2P process, non-value-added tasks reducing, etc. Perhaps you already used procurement solutions for a part of the S2P process but looked for IT architecture harmonization throughout your organization. Anyways, you had specific objectives.

We usually split the whole S2P process in 4 modules: Sourcing-to-Contract, Procure-to-pay, Supplier data & Supplier relationship management, Reporting & Analytics. Each of them has specific objectives behind them.

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