12 recommendations to implement a source-to-pay solution | #4 Fix and respect your project planning

In the previous article, we talked about software provider selection. Now, it is time to setup your Project planning: project planning is a kind of roadmap that you need to follow to ensure that the project goes in the right direction. It is not only project schedule with aggregation of several sub-projects, but a set of elements that lead to a “Project Plan”. This major document will help you to have a clear vision of where you are going, and how you plan to reach your objectives. In this article, we will focus on the planning, budget & resources plan. Understand the stakes and get the keys to build your project plan.

1. Your planning

The first part of your project plan is building your planning: it aims at giving an overview of the main steps and sub-steps identified in the S2C project to the project stakeholders. Building a planning is not an easy exercise, as you need to be precise, ambitious, and realistic for its acceptance. Generally, a project is divided in 3 major steps that are Design, Build & Testing phases. Depending on your project implementation strategy (see in previous article: big bang vs. waves scenarios), you project steps duration and sequencing will drastically vary. In order to have a planning accepted by all the stakeholders, you must work closely with all the involved Departments of your company, by working in a collaborative approach: Legal, Accounting, Procurement… All these functions may have some constraints in the next months or years, which have to be included in your S2P planning to ensure that the milestones are respected. Hereunder is a list of key elements that may impact your planning:

See the release written by Arnaud Laguionie, Axbility Senior Consultant bellow!

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